It is widely being reported that Apple is likely to unveil a series of MacBook Pro models at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is scheduled to be held on June 11 in San Francisco. Each MacBook is expected to come up with Retina Display-like screens and Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

How Retina Display works?

It is believed that the Retina Display MacBook Pro will feature multiple Retina resolution modes, so that the users are able to adjust the sharpness and image sizes as per their likings. Unlike Mac display settings of today, these Retina Display settings will not be marked with numbers/resolution sizes, but with descriptions such as big, small, or optimal.

Citing various unnamed sources, Bloomberg says that the new MacBook Pro models will be less than 0.95 inch (24mm) thick and sport Intel’s third-generation Core series chips, code-named Ivy Bridge.