ARCHOS 7 and ARCHOS 8 are the two novel home tablets. They are essentially integrated with multimedia of Android based. These two tablets are specifically designed for home and can invariably enhance user’s user’s lifestyle. The exclusive ranges of ARCHOS home tablets are best for bridging the gap amongst Smartphone and desktop PC to offer access to web and multimedia in a large screen all day round. These beautiful home tablets can be utilized anywhere from a bedroom to the backyard and even the kitchen. It’s undoubtedly the real hub of modern homes. Their screens which are large with high resolution make them the highest products for web browsing, sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos and listening to music or even play games and many more exciting offers.

This innovative electronic product is unbelievably priced at $199, which is truly affordable. These home tablets are the newest range of Android versions specifically based on ARM 9 processor and CPU of 600 MHz, which grandly runs along with internet tablets offering not only the best suited features and applications but also functions for users home. However, the most irresistible range of ARCHOS internet tablet based on ARM Cortex is up to 1GHz. It is expected to be launched in 2010 summer delivering the higher features. These tablets are integrated with variable screen sizes of 3 to 10 inches.

ARCHOS 7 home tablet is the initial Android based product to offer internet along with all other applications to make user’s lifestyle purely digital. This product is sported with 7 inches touch screen and 12 mm thickness. It weighs around 350 grams making it an extremely portable product. Utilizing this beautiful home tablet the user can get connected with the world around by accessing unique information services like news, weather and local business directories. The software of video plays avails viewing a movie and You Tube. The built-in Wi-Fi simply connects the user to a home network and built-in USB transfers the files from either PC or USB stick very efficiently and easily. It consumes a modest power of 7 hours video playback and 44 hours of music when battery is fully charged.

ARCHOS 8 home tablet is home digital device and will connect the family together. It displays family pictures through the unique application of a digital photo frame for web designing as well as accessing the web service. Integrated with 8 inches touch screen and 12 mm thickness it weighs around 400 grams. It instantly delivers web searches, updates social networking, photos and videos. This product also delivers Cookineo; the marvelous app. For cooking recipes, information on local weather and business directories to plan schedules. Furthermore, there are family calendar applications to keep the family in touch.

Thus, ARCHOS 7 and ARCHOS 8 have definitely revolutionized the lifestyle of people living in ethnic homes. Compact design, portable, reasonably priced and incorporated with many applications, they have made life much easier, happier and more gracious. These unbeatable home tablets are here to connect families through their complete information services.