Since the original release of iPad, users can sign up a 3G data plan for unlimited period at the rate of thirty dollars per month without any contract. AT&T has announced that users will be able to port unlimited data plans for use on the new iPad 2.

As per a spokesperson of AT&T, particular details regarding these plans are still not available. It is likely that owners of new iPad 2 sign up in their current account for new iPad 2, otherwise AT&T may extend its option for new post paid data program to the customer with the current wireless accounts.

Currently Verizon is extending unlimited data plans for the iPhone 4, however, only will extend tiered plans in respect of iPad 2. Owners of new iPad 2, who have changed their earlier unlimited plan and require more than 2GB data usage, can change the plan. AT&T has declared that they have been named as 2010 North American Company of the Year in Business Communications, and they have been awarded the 2010 Market Share Leadership of the Year Award for Telecom Services. Frost and Sullivan, the leading analyst firm has been privileged along with AT&T for these coveted recognitions for accomplishment of the company. As per Frost and Sullivan, AT&T remains as the leader in the space of business communications having their top sharing of revenue in each segment of applications and services for network, owing to the major reason for the expanding network footprint and services which it extends.