In an article from Wall Street Journal, Best Buy’s CEO dropped shocking statistic that the iPad is cannibalizing sales of notebook PCs by 50%. Although this figure is very high and this idea has bounced around since Apple’s tablet device debuted back in the month of March. From that “magical” day, people have been combing through many surveys and sales figures are looking for the signs that iPad’s popularity is affecting the sales of its competing electronic brand in market.

Apple is already in hype with its product and with the release of its latest product iPad, the hypes of Apple is going to be even more greater heights. The initial signs of rising Apple’s iPad began appearing as early as the month of May arrives this year, when a survey made by Retrevo revealed that the 30% of netbook shoppers chose Apple’s tablet device over a netbook. This is clear that if people are opting for Apple’s tablet instead of notebooks then iPad will be a major hit in the electronic market. More recently, the leading brand Asus has confirmed that it has reduced netbook shipments as the response of its netbook sales is decreased. The CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen cited that the iPad is the reason for this decline.

The market analysts also estimated from their calculations that the Apple tablet is stealing sales from its comparatively priced notebook. The reason behind is the trust of peoples on Apple products. Another reason for increase in the sales of Apple tablet is its mobile companion. Apart from this ones takes a look on iPad then it would be a major part of attraction among the users in electronic market. Peoples who are looking for a new hardware product in a budget ranging around $500 will preferably opt for Apple’s iPad. As peoples do not like to spend their money on PC or Mac if they have a budget to afford the new trendy, shiny iPad.

While the several analysts have noticed that iPad is stealing sales from traditional notebook market, this Best Buy admission is as significant and affecting as the first Apple’s iOS-powered tablet. The sales of iPad are affecting the sales of the traditional notebooks in a big way. The decrement in sales of near about 50% is a considerable reduction for a company that is nation’s largest consumer electronics. iPad is already in so much hype and peoples are much awaited for the announcement of release of this product in market. Apple’s iPad has announces its arrival on 26th September of this year.

Now it’s the time to think that have you also contribute to this cannibalization by purchasing an iPad as a supplement to your laptop and desktop.