Though CES 2014 had more innovative, gorgeous and weirder gadgets to steal the show, but computers also braved new designs and technologies which made a mark at the show.  This year, PC prototypes have revealed bold new designs, displays, hardware, software and virtual technology which have ushered extraordinary trends in laptops, desktops and other computers.

Latest PC trends that braved at CES 2014, Las Vegas  

Modular gaming computers

Razer had surprised PC enthusiasts with its extraordinary prototype, Project Christine at the CES 2014. Project Christine  pioneered modular gaming PCs wherein modules such as processors, graphics cards, and hard drives in a of a gaming PC which claim  more power will be placed in the form of uniform capsules, that they can be added or removed from of a larger frame. Though immense engineering will be required for creating and presenting a functional model of the prototype, Razer has certainly insinuated new trend in gaming desktop PCs.

Goggles and virtual reality

Wearable tech is certainly here to stay with the advent of new gizmos and advances in augmented and virtual reality. So, move ahead of video cards and processors no matter how powerful they are made, to embrace new 3D goggles and virtual reality. The company to usher this innovation in PC industry is Oculus Rift. As the name (Oculus Rift) rhymes with the ‘paradigm shift’, it also promises the same in gaming PCs with its new prototype of stereoscopic 3D goggles which would feature positioning tracking and an external webcam. A mix of wearable gadget and gaming PCs, this new stereoscopic 3D headset will let you view panoramic virtual world when you will look behind the computer.

Stream games from PCs to living room

Valve has lined up new media streaming to stream games from Stream’s game library to large screen televisions in your living room. The new concept of Stream Machine shown at CES 2014 will work for a compact gaming PC which will support Stream OS to enable users to stream games from PCs to TVs. PC hardware partners to manufacture Stream Machine are Alienware, Falcon Northwest and Origin PC.

4Ks setting new standard

1080K will soon descend to the basics in the standard of PC monitor as 4K is ready to roar in the market. PC giants such as Toshiba, Panasonic and Lenovo have boasted of 4K laptop, a ToughPad and desktop PCs monitors.  Clearly their move from 1K to 4K was anticipated at this CES 2014 as 4K televisions made entries at CES 2013, but the speed at which UHD displays are taking the lead in PC industry is surely astounding.

Other remarkable innovations and surprising PC trends noticed at CES 2014 included gesture controls with RealSense 3D camera by Intel, Aura interface with automatic smartphone detection demonstrated on tablet-top PC. While Aura astonished spectators with its ability to detect an Android phone kept on its touchscreen and access media files stored in the mobile device, RealSense has stunned with its brave new technology which renders hands-free interaction with PCs in three dimensions.