You did sometimes have a suspicion, that one of your files of system Windows was damaged? Usually, this problem causes large disorder, while you try to trace the file, which they harm, or to make complete, repeatedly they establish from Windows. You hold yours to establish disks! There is otherwise. To Windows 2000 operating system could rewrite the divided files of system when you establish software. If you use Windows 98, you have a method to restore these files with the cartridge of the file of system.

  1. To click by beginning, by programs, by equipment, by the tools of system, by the information of system.
  2. As soon as the usefulness of the information of system governs, to click the menu of tools, by the cartridge of the file of system.
  3. To you they will give the screen, which makes possible for you “to examine everything” in order to hunt for any changed files or to determine the file of problem.

Since you probably do not know, which files give you headaches, Here If will be something not then to you they will give instruction for the repair. One additional thing, if the program of the information of system not there, you will be must put your Win98, is established disk, selection is added/is moved away, and is selected the information of system from the section of the tools of system. Windows 2000 and users XP: You will not find the cartridge of the file of system in your tools of system, but if you will search for this, then you will find this as “sfc.exe”. No need to govern this, although, because the protection of file Windows prevents the replacement of the protected files of system, type of.sys, and .exe of files. If you will govern SFC, then you will probably see the flash of window DOS on your screen during 1.5 seconds.

The protection of file Windows broke into a run in the background in order to protect all files, established in accordance with the program of installation. Any attempts in accordance with other programs in order to replace or to move the protected file of system they are discovered, then the digital signature of file is checked in order to see, does appear new file the correct version Of Microsoft.

On silence, the protection of file Windows always makes possible and allows, that Windows in the digital form signed files in order to replace the existing files. If your computer broke into a run slower than normal or if you have freezing statements or cease to work, this – it is probable because of the damaged file of system. This is – simple procedure in order to verify that the files of system and to have prospect substitute or are restored any corrupted files.

  1. On the button of beginning, then go into entire flick of programs once.
  2. Find that the folder of equipment and flick opens this.
  3. Find the icon for the window Of dos and click by this. You must see the window, opened in C:\user \ [your name]. Hence you will be must go into the reference book of root. Print in cd c:\. This will bring to you to the reference book of root in c without delay, which appears c:\

Once in c:\ they print sfc/scan now they strike, they enter. You will see where this speaks the files of confirmation and the number with sign % behind this. As soon as survey is finished, this will give to you the communication, which tells you, if system had any corrupted files and it did can or this to be restored. If this could not restore all files, you must repeatedly begin your system and go in the support Of Microsoft in order to find answer relative to that how to restore all files. This could even require the installation of the files of system.