Valet has been introduced by Cisco as a wireless home router option. This product line of Cisco makes it possible for the people to access the wireless home routers. The major purpose of designing Valet is just to change the way families used the internet in the past. People can now access the internet with a wireless connection by removing all the frustration that they had to face while setting up their traditional wired home networks.

Valet is considered to be the first product line for the wireless products that actually makes it simple for all the people who desire to set up and thereby manage the wireless network of their own. The consumers just have to insert the Key for Easy Setup that is been included in the package into the USB port of the PC they are using and immediately after that the control is actually taken over by the software i.e. Cisco Connect. While using Cisco Connect you just have to follow three simple steps and you are done, but in case of other wireless devices you have to go through almost about twenty to thirty steps that are pretty complicated on just one computer. All the information is retained by the Key which you can insert very easily in the computers that you want to connect to the home network that is being established via a wireless connection.

Once you have set up your Valet home Wireless, the product provides its customers with a very simple way for managing the home wireless for their family.

First of all you have to add the additional devices that you want to connect to home network. Afterwards you have to set up all the parental controls. Now provide the access to the internet for the guest users on a separate network of guests. In the end change all your personalized settings that have been set up to enforce security just like the passwords.

A new control level is also provided by Valet for the parents that contain very simple tools for managing the online experience of their family. Parents are allowed by the Cisco Connect to set all the controls very easily, therefore they can easily change the use of web for specific times and days in the week or just for some temporary time period as well. Just like the example if the children are spending more time on playing games or on the social networking sites, there access to the wireless network can be modified by the parents in this case by allowing them the privilege to get online on the week nights after it is 9. The access to the internet for every device that is attached to the Valet home network can be individually controlled as well as can be changed if some certain change is necessary.

Furthermore it is fairly easy to set up your guest network by using Valet in case of a visit from family and friends. This makes the wireless access very easy.