When was the last time you cleared the junk files from your PC? How often do you empty system caches from your computer? Not very frequently we believe?

Cleaning of junk files from PC, emptying of system caches, and performing frequent updates are some of the activities that can give benefits to nearly every computer. It is important to take such preventative measures time to time to keep your PC safe and secure. System Ninja is a freeware system cleaner that includes features like Junk Scanner and Startup Manager to perform cleaning activities on your PC.

System Ninja is easy to install and it takes only few minutes to get started, however you might face a little issue while installing the wizard as the moment you click OK the software shows you an error message. In such situations you can always troubleshoot the problem with the help of a guide available on the program’s site. You can also access System Ninja from its Start Menu entry and open it normally after that.

This new freeware is quick in cleaning junks from your computer. It works on a simple interface that contains vertical row of buttons, each of which display results in the main window with the help of a spreadsheet-style list view. System Ninja is made with three office-style skins to choose from where one could add or remove junk files from their computers very easily.

The two important features of System Ninja are, Junk Scanner and Startup Manager that constantly provide support to your PC no matter how infected it is with junk files and unwanted data. The Junk Scanner can help you choose the area that needs to be scanned, including unusual entries like current torrent tags, incompatible files, and game caches. The Startup Manager on the other hand removes items from your system startup list.

The other features that System Ninja can offer to the users are Process Manger and System Analysis feature. While the first is used to display running processes with the option to terminate them, the System Analysis extracts and displays all kinds of system information, including CPU, motherboard, and BIOS data.

System Ninja is a good freeware with expert cleaning application that scans your computer for junk files which can be deleted rather than been saved unnecessary on your PC.