Missed your favorite TV show or want to enjoy your movie while at home? Now broadband Internet connection has an answer to all. You can watch these online for a small charge or sometimes even for free. However some of the fun is lost while we watch in the small screens of our computers within the walls of our home offices. It is more fun watching them on our TV screens in the comfort of sofas in our living room. This article provides guidance to enjoy online TV serials and programs on big screen. Read on to find out how to connect your PC to an HDMI TV all by yourself.

Follow these simple steps to make it possible:

Step 1:

  • Switch off your computer and turn it around so that the rear part is visible to you.
  • Find out the cable of the monitor and trace it back to the PC.
  • Cable will be attached to a video card by a 15-pin VGA or 29-pin DVI port.
  • Also look out if there is another VGA or DVI or even a HDMI port if the PC is of newest version.

Step 2:

  • Select the cord for video output.
  • If you have an HDMI port, then connect a cable of right length between your PC and TV.
  • You need to buy a new DVI or HDMI output cord if your computer has only one output video card. Install the new cord into the available slot according to the instructions given in it.
  • In case you are connecting VGA output in single output or dual output card for the HDMI display then you need to purchase a converter to convert between these different formats.
  • The price is the same as an entry level video card. So in this case it is better to purchase a better card and install DVI or HDMI port
  • In case of DVI output port, you can buy a cable converting the output into HDMI format for your TV.

Step 3:

  • Take the HDMI cable and use it to connect your PC and your TV.
  • Sometimes even an adapter is required for changing the format.
  • You will also need sound card output to HDMI cord if your PC does not have HDMI port.

Step 4:

  • Restart your PC.
  • Click the “Start” menu and go into “Control Panel”.
  • You will see a “Display” option, go inside it by double clicking and select “Settings” option.
  • Your HDMI instruction kit will have the resolution that it supports. Go into the “Settings” option and select the resolution given in the guide.
  • Select “Advanced” option and refresh it to arrange it new resolution.
  • If you are using HDMI TV as the second monitor then you will have to configure it as well according to the video card installed in it.

Step 5:

  • Once the changes are done, restart your PC to apply them.
  • Now your system is installed and ready to use.