Many months before the launch of the iPad, Apple created awareness about the possible uses of the tablet computer. Today, after the year long availability of the iPad, and the launch of the iPad 2 with improved features, the gadget has become very versatile as it is used for entertainment, education, business, and a lot of other applications.

With the introduction of the front and rear cameras, the iPad serves as a wonderful video conferencing tool and enhances the visual communication experience. Documents, spreadsheets and presentation over the iWork suite make the iPad a very handy device. The EverNote App makes note-taking in meetings a very innovative feature. The Keynote App is an ideal presentation tool.

The 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi features make browsing on the iPad, a pleasurable experience. The Mobile Safari App makes browsing interesting with the Apple A4 processor. Although, utilization of the iPad is evolving in a nice manner, cloud access and document management are still way behind. With this feature enhanced, the iPad will become a really powerful tool for most work applications.

With a very comfortable screen size and good connectivity, as also convenience in portability, the iPad and all similar tablet devices are poised to change the computing market forever. The wonderful multi-touch features and multi-tasking capabilities of the tablet are bringing about dynamic changes in productivity. Time management has moved to the next level.

Tapping out a message off the touch screen, gesture based app handling, innovative EverNote based note-taking, and ease of social networking, make the iPad an efficient gadget. The large screen makes the calendar on screen, a much more user friendly application. The Dragon Speech to Text App, Remote Computer Access and Sharing, and Wi-Fi printing to dedicated printers, also make the iPad an excellent tool at work.