If you like to play games and are looking to buy a laptop, Dell Alienware M11x is the best choice. To play high-end games, laptops should have advanced configuration. It is not always possible to play the best games on your laptops for the reason that some computers are incompatible with the type and versions of games that have been released recently. Some games do not support the OS, while some need a higher version of the graphics media driver on your laptop. Some need upgraded RAM, while others need a higher capacity processor or even a better graphics card for playing the game smoothly on your laptop. Games like Gears of War, Dead Space, Mass Effect 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops are all brilliant games, and playing them on your laptop would be a fascinating experience. However, the major problem with these games is their system requirements, which may not be possible for the normal categories of laptops to fulfill.

Dell has understood the problem of resource constraints that most people face regarding graphics-intensive games. Dell has recently announced the launch of its new series of Alienware laptops, which would be made available to the public at an affordable price. The laptop model is Dell Alienware M11x, whose price as stated by Dell officials would be somewhere around $500 to $600.

Dell Alienware M11x has 2 GB DD3 RAM along with a 160 GB HDD. It has the latest series of the Intel 1.63 GHz SU7300 processor, which would deliver high computing speed. Along with that, the laptop also has an 11.4-inch flat LED screen which supports a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Dell Alienware M11x has 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce graphics accelerator card which would be enough even to run games which need highs graphic memory and updated drivers.