Dell has introduced the latest technology in the upcoming systems in the market and the company is continuously upgrading the products so as to match the needs of the consumers. Dell has announced the launch of 24 new products by the end of the year, which would surely change the outlook of the customers when they would talk about the latest computers. This includes tablet computers based on Windows 7. Dell’s more traditional notebooks and desktops, however, have received a substantial overhaul. The notebooks of Dell which are of Latitude family have been revitalized. In this change the basic priorities that are taken in consideration are consumer design and satisfaction. Some of the few notebooks launched are E6420, E5420, E6520, E6220, E5520, and E6320. Dell has taken many important steps for the protection against drops and intense jerks. To ensure this the Latitude PCs are shipped with many features like Dell Data Protection. The announcement of OptiPlex 990, 790 and 390 desktops are all in one answer for OptiPlex factor. Other announcements include the Dell Precision T1600 desktop workstation, Precision M6600 and M4600 workstations for mobile.

The new offers which the company has launched are basically designed to work in coordination with Dell’s virtualization solutions. Dell’s OptiPlex has compatibility with desktop virtualization lineup. Intel’s vPro processor technology is included in the OptiPlex. It also includes graphics and memory. Dell Precision T1600 is created as a single socket and also an entry level workstation having a tool less chassis. This model has the Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor technology. T1600 is also ISV certified being a boon for the AutoCAD Engineer.

The announcement of mobile workstations namely Dell Precision M6600, M4600 has been made. But the products would be available after a couple of months. At the end of the year 2011 Dell would launch all the 24 products proposed. Products will be launched in all most every part of the world.