Dell is looking to get more AMD processors to be used in its computers. It is also looking to get computers created with a variety of different expansion support features. Dell is getting both of these objectives supported through the use of its new XPS 7100 series of desktop computers.

The processors used on these Dell XPS 7100 desktop computers are from AMD. This is notable in that Dell has not worked with AMD too much in the past for its processor needs. This move is expected to help with getting AMD to earn more of a share in the processor market. AMD should end up being able to be more competitive with Intel.

One of the processors that can be found in this series of computers is the AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor. This is a professional processor that can work in quad-core or hexa-core forms. The processor will be able to work at speeds of up to 3.4GHz depending on its type.

This processor is one that can only be found in original equipment manufacturer forms. Therefore, a person will have to buy a XPS 7100 computer to get access to this unique processor. This should help to make this computer one of the popular ones from Dell.

One of the main features that Dell will be marketing comes from how this line of computers can work with great expansion features. The size of the hard drive on the computer can easily be expanded. The computer can work with hard drives at sizes of up to 1.5TB. This is perfect for those who have large computer storage needs.

The RAM on one of these computers can also be expanded. A computer in this line can support DDR3 RAM at levels of up to 16GB. This can be used to make a computer work with more functions. It is especially great for some of today’s programs that require more RAM space. This includes such programs as the Windows 7 operating system.

All sorts of popular multimedia formats can be supported by the XPS 7100 series of desktop computers. A number of ATI graphics cards can be featured on one of these computers. These include the HD4200, HD5450 and HD5770 computers. The HD5870, which can handle 1GB of memory for graphics, can also be used on some computers. These cards can work perfectly with an optional Blu-ray drive.

One of the most important features of this series of computers comes from its price. The prices of the computers in this line are indicative of how computer culture has changed over the years. Today some of the most powerful computers on the market are easily affordable. The XPS 7100 will work with models that are as low as five hundred dollars in value. This is something that anyone can afford.

A computer in this line will be more expensive when more features are included inside of it. These include such things as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support and the aforementioned Blu-ray disc drive.