Blackberry is the company that has established its niche in the Smartphone Market. It is indeed great news that it is in the path of making the tablet PC. The Research in Motion an alliance of Blackberry operations is currently focusing its action on a tablet computer. This will prove to be a great cohort for the phone used by the people. The tablet PC by Blackberry may not be able to replace the smartphone but it would indeed give it some tough competition. Though it does not have in-built wireless system, it may connect you to internet by Wi-Fi or by its Bluetooth bonding.

It is estimated to have an 8.9-inch screen, and which can be used in the same manner as a large screen computer or laptops. You can play videos, do internet surfing and can also be reading e-Books on it. But, it cannot be used as a phone. If it is approved, tested and verified, this tablet is likely to release soon this year. However, there is no clear base as to what it will be sold for.

Part of a Trend

With the coming of the Apple iPads as an emerging and new product, tablet computers are definitely a latest innovation. One such company (RIM) that is working on making tablet computers and similar slate wrought models that function on smartphone operating systems. Dell is developing an Android OS-based tablet having a 7-inch display, whereas HP is working on a tablet with Palm web OS.

Other findings and reports have evidently established that some features that the Blackberry tablet will carry which includes twin cameras (one in front, one back) which will be used for video conferencing, an in-built prop up for Adobe flash player and a 1 GHz processor. This blackberry tablet is likely to enter the market by the closing of this year and will be market by its genuine Q1 2011 expected release after the launch of Apple iPad and Microsoft’s Windows 7 tablets.

The first news that came to the people informed that it will have a 7 inch touch screen display and not 8.9 inches and will get its processor from Marvell. But there is still no news regarding the model or speed of the tablet, and the Marvell 1 GHz 610 processor swanks in the hi-tech 3D graphics, 16-megapixel camera, and full HD 1080p playback. Further, additional information was revealed that included news about flash player. As reported earlier, the 10.1 flash players was launched that supported mobile partners like Android, MeeGo, LiMo, and webOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry.  It has been confirmed lately that Flash will form a part of Blackberry in later end of this year.

But RIM which is still working on a tablet computer is awaited to accept or reject the blackberry tablet. Their decision would be a decisive factor that would link all the cellular networks through a blackberry mobile. Also the device would be equipped with entrenched Wi-Fi and 3G supports. People are looking forward to this new innovation in great excitement. And if RIM plans to launch its 7 inch tablet computer this year, people will expect more from it as compared to the Windows 7 slate shaped tablets.