Copia has recently added Windows 7-based tablets to its array of supported devices. The Copia e-reader app was showcased at CES 2011. The Copia app for Windows 7 tablet employs the same reading and social-networking environment which is available on other devices and platforms. The Copia app makes its Windows 7 tablet CES introduction on systems like new Samsung Sliding PC 7 which was also on display at CES.

Interested users can now buy digital books directly from Copia’s online bookstore and then load them on any device which supports the format. As you know that e-reader app is free with most versions available for download from the company’s website. So you can download it from there.

The users will find that reading an e-book through Copia is same as reading one on most other e-readers, except it offers a social aspect.  The Copia library list is shareable; users can share it and show the world or their friends that which book you are reading currently.

Moreover with Copia e-reader app you will get a chance to share your library list with everyone in the Copia community or just with your friends who belong to your own network. Through this you can also create Copia discussion groups based on different books or topics and make those groups either private, open by request, or open to everyone.

This application taps your connections to Facebook and Twitter, so with Copia you can invite your friends from other networks to join you. Now the question arises how you can view the books? There are many ways to view the books in your library. The very first is to see it in the list view grid view, or in a tag cloud view that changes the size of the book’s image. The size change completely depends upon the readers’ review or suggestions over the book. Any book which has received more comments, discussions, and reviews, will appear in larger size.

By tapping on the book one can see what the Copia community is saying about it and can see specifically what your friends are saying about the book. Moreover one can read the book and while reading you can highlight passages, make notes, and can comment anywhere easily. If you select the option your notes and comments can then appear in the same e-books purchased by your friends and people in your discussion groups.

So this is a unique way by which you can express your views and can get others’ views on the same passages of the chosen books. Readers can make notes and comments into separate notebooks and can review all of them later on.  One more fantastic thing is that by tapping on a specific note automatically the associated passage comes on the screen. Copia now runs on PCs and Macs, the iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone 7 and the latest on Windows 7 for tablets.