Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd a leader in electronics and IT has unveiled a new education focused IT product portfolio aimed at providing teaching utilities to teachers and students aided by innovative new technology brought to a classroom environment to make teaching a more interactive and innovative experience. The new range boasts of new technology with many new features for the usage of schools to help students master new technolgies and solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

It boasts of advantages to a learning environment of the order of time saving, lower energy consumption, providing data security and increasing teacher student interaction opportunities. Samsungs products are being used across the country by education pioneers and teachers in new and innovative ways  to help impart life skills, innovative thinking and learning to students in the fields of animation, graphics, web design, video conferencing composing music, film production and editing to anybody willing to learn. Their awarded energy efficiency performance gives schools dual advantage of saving money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Enhanced backup and quick starting time also ensure that Samsungs products are ideal for a classroom ensuring data safety and quick start up. Darren Matthews, General Manager of Samsung’s Computing Division said that they were dedicated to discover latest and better technology to progress and expand learning experiences throughout technology and are constantly working on their technology to develop new solutions for the classroom environment. The TX 100 dual use tablet is one such technology developed for its usage as a mobile computing device and also usage as a netbook due to its incredible form factor. He reiterated Samsungs promise of designing technology for every age, changing needs and student environment.

Among the products launched for this target audience are the TX100 an entirely new innovative form factor device with Windows 7 operating system powered by Intels upcoming Atom power processor. It features a slide out panel to reveal a keyboard like that of any laptop. It features a touch display utilizing the intuitive 10.1 inch touch screen. Next is ZX310 notebook made from duralumin lighter than aluminium and twice as strong. It boasts of extreme durability while maintaining a light and razor slim profile, also coming packed with SuperBright Plus display ensuring quality graphics. Then the R-Series notebooks (RF510, RF710, RV510) with the Fast-start technology which powers up the notebook in up to 3 seconds and data backup, ensuring data safety and freedom from backing up data. It also comes with a LED backlit display to ensure high picture quality. Then NB30 Touch and NB30 Plus featuring LCD or LED displays coupled with energy efficiency and long battery life of upto 11 to 14 hours. It is waterproof making it extremely useful. NB30 comes with a 10.1 inch touch display providing an exciting experience to children. They also come with a new technology called Disk Drive (HDD) free fall sensor to secure the hard disk if it senses a free fall.

Next is the SF310 to offer durability and style combined in one device for the style requirements of students which comes in a curvy trendy form.