In the specialized field of making graphics cards, Nvidia has been a true winner over the years. Nvidia along with ATI, are the two big players in this territory today. Every product they launch is highly talked about, and most of them are runaway hits! Speculation is also a big part of the marketing game and companies such as Nvidia are well aware of this. Retailers go out of their way to try and get hold of these much awaited products, adopting different strategies to get the first mover advantage. One such recent occurrence was when some European retailers listed Nvidia’s upcoming GeForce GTX 460 graphics card.

Although they took the liberty to list the card, the information that they have about the product is minimal. Some of the shops say that it will hit their stores in the next 4 to 7 working days whereas few others say it will take more than ten days. The general consensus is that the card will hit the stores pretty soon. Well, the bad news is that Nvidia has itself not announced by when they plan to release it to its retailers. This might create a bit of a misunderstanding between the retailers and Nvidia representatives.

All we know about the card right now is that Nvidia has been working on a GF100 based SKU, that will cut down from the GeForce GTX 470. This is named GeForce GTX 460 and will be a strong contender to rival ATI’s HD 5850. It supports DirectX 11and that it has 1024MB of memory. The new design was supposed to release in June, 2010 but the listings have surprised one and all.

The good thing, however, is that we have got a rough idea of the product pricing. It ranges from € 284 to € 332 across different retailers. However, one can zero in on something around €300 for the product. This price was pretty much expected but the product has to deliver on the performance front! As the HD 5850 is a direct competitor in terms of price and features, the GTX 460 will have to prove itself in the days to come.

Coming back to the listings, we have to wait and watch the proceedings for the next few days. Going by Nvidia’s history, it is highly unlikely that the new SKU will come to the market before the scheduled release. However, if it does hit the stores in the next few days, it might just work to their advantage as there is high demand for a niche product such as this.

As I stated above, markets and speculation go hand in hand. It is not the first time that something like this has happened but retailers should be a bit more careful as it might tarnish their image. There is a lot of hype attached to the product and it is but natural for a shopkeeper to try and capitalize on the situation! All said and done, Nvidia’s products will continue to attract such attention and they have surely realized that it is for their own good!