Fluid Computer Systems has introduced a fuel cell powered tablet PC in the market which is a revolution by its own right. COO Todd Miller and CEO Aaron Henry of Fluid Computer Systems demonstrated the tablet computer at the Consumer Electronics Show. They plan to release a video reflecting their journey from self funded start up to an early stage business. The video will be put up on the official website of Fluid Computer Systems.

CEO Aaron Henry said that they were disappointed on having failed to complete on time to book a booth in the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. However, that demonstrated their gadget within the show, and filmed a video regarding their experience this season. Henry thanked their partners and Horizon Fuel Cell technologies who helped them in providing with different kinds of materials. He thanked their partners for having been able to complete the assembling of the tablet PC in time, to be able to demonstrate it at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2011.

The first models of Fluid Computer Systems were launched in December 2010. The edition was of limited range. It was launched just prior to the Christmas, and was priced at $599. The new models are expected to have a longer running battery life, apart from being faster than their previous ones. The pricing has remained the same. It is also heard that the new models which are to be introduced are to support 4G technology.

No confirmed news is available regarding this. Henry was asked about the rumor regarding 4G, which he avoided giving a direct answer. He said that that the company was in talks with different companies for providing 3G and 4G technologies to their tablet PCs and though nothing had been finalized as yet, they were hopeful of things materializing. He said that the main goal of Fluid Computer Systems is to manufacture a gadget that will serve all the needs of a college student and yet won’t cost him or her much. He lamented about the rising cost of living everywhere in the country and said that Fluid Computer Systems was doing everything they can within their limits to keep the pricing affordable.

The Las Vegas based company which was founded by Todd Miller and Aaron Henry has long been offering cheap tablet PCs which have Windows 7 installed in them. The pricing may increase slightly this season; however, the price is low enough to be the best among contemporaries currently.