Fujitsu is the Japanese multinational computer hardware, software and IT services Provider Company. This company was established in 1935 by Fuji Tsūshinki Seizō. In starting Fujitsu manufactured Telecommunications Equipment. In 1954 Fujitsu made Japan’s first Computer. After that Fujitsu is mainly dealing in Computer related equipments. Fujitsu manufactured many computers related products; either individually or with other companies. Apart from computer equipments company also made Air conditions. More than 185,000 employees are working with Fujitsu in all over the world.

At CES 2011, Fujitsu launched its new tablet PC, which is a mile very big achievement in the world of tablets because of its advance technology. Company launched two new tablets in the CES under the name LIFEBOOK T901 Convertible Tablet PC and LIFEBOOK T580 Convertible Tablet PC. As the name indicates, tablet PCs are very small and compact laptops but deliver the work output as like the laptops. So, a very big advantage of tablet PC is less weight and bulk thus ease of carrying. Basically, tablets use the touch screen interference as an input device instead of keyboard so gaining access is very easy. Tablet PCs usually run on different Operating systems like Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows 7 for tablet, Android and MeeGo etc.

The new Fujitsu convertible tablets run on Microsoft Windows 7 which is designed for tablet computers. The tablet T580 has Intel i5 processer and has 10.1 inches multi touch screen which is of pen input. Fujitsu is the 1st company which has installed i5 family processer in tablets. Before this tablet were running on special processers, which are mainly designed for tablets. So performance of tablets is not up to the laptop or Computer’s mark. But because of i5 processer, performance of tablet will increase. This tablet comes with keyboard which is of portable size. The weight of T850 is nearly about three pounds so here is good news for those who are very concerned about the weight. The price of T850 is starts from $1,149 and it can be purchased from official website of Fujitsu Limited.

The second tablet introduced is T901. This tablet is also Convertible Tablet which has largest screen in tablets. This screen available with both touch input and pen input. T901 also has NVIDIA(R) Optimus technology to enhance the performance and it uses the 2nd generation Intel core family mobile processer for processing. T901 has unique feature of hot-swapping, this tablet has the two batteries which are removable and at the place of 2nd battery user can put hand drive. Because of two batteries, the power back up has been increased to double and hot swapping feature allows using other drives with tablet. T901 tablet is available from $1,899 at the Fujitsu outlet or can buy from the official website.