As the name suggests, a motherboard is the mother component of CPU, providing the base for various circuits. Also known as, the ‘mainboard’ or the ‘system board’ it holds crucial components of the system. As well, it provides connectors for the peripherals.

MSI(Micro-Star International), a Taiwan based organization manufactures mainboard and graphic cards. It has extended its sector towards making consumer electronics too. Notebooks, communication devices, bare-bone or skeleton computer architectures, servers, multimedia, industrial computing and others are part of its foray.

What Does Fusion Have To Offer?

MSI comes up with its latest series of motherboards termed as the Fuzion series. P55A Fuzion is designed for Intel processors, while 870A Fuzion is for its AMD counterpart. Both boards share well-integrated military class material i.e., Hi-c CAP for higher life, Icy choke and the Solid CAP.

Main features of the Fuzion series of motherboards include:

  • The Lucid LT22102, by Lucidlogix that enables the running of GPUs of different brands on the same board without any clash or glitch.
  • It has power supply in the form of an 8+2 phase DrMOS, designed to provide even higher power efficiency than the earlier variants
  • MSI’s brand new OC genie technology for over-clocking
  • Latest USB 3.0 and SATA with transfer speeds of 6GB/s

With enhanced power of up to 70%, increased temperature reduction owing to superior over-clocking potential, it surely is a grab-it for gamers.

Fuzion – The Gamers Paradise

Earlier, multi-graphic accelerators meant putting two or more GPUs of the same brand for enabling a better result. However, Fuzion does away with all that by giving you the liberty of fixing a new GPU with your old one, while getting the most out of each card. In this way, your old GPU does not go to the trophy case and the new card does not get slowed down by your older one, be it NVIDIA or the competitor ATI.

The mainboard will also demonstrate very flexible upgradability and relaxing 3D performance like never before. One can note that it will provide superb stability owing to the auto OC that will allow over-clocking in 1 sec flat. This makes it to be very well equipped for load balancing. All in all, performance capability will be highly motivated with the best and latest technologies blending up to make it a desire for the gamers.

Fuzion For Intel & AMD

MSI has always been a consumer friendly organization, keeping in mind its performance and cost demands in the market. It is a trusted name in the computing world, all set to make its mark with technical biggies, Intel & AMD.

P55A Fuzion for Intel is marked at 190 USD, 870A Fuzion for AMD comes for around 160 USD. Both the boards are prepared while keeping in mind their respective mainstream’s momentum.

Market Worthiness

The price is relatively marketable; hence it is highly unlike that it will not be a favourable option among consumers sooner or later. Not just gamers, but most home computer users can soon expect a preferred renovation just for the fact that this will simply improve the efficiency and output capability of any computer and shows promising multi-tasking ability.

This will undoubtedly be a favorite option with gamers making it exceptionally feasible for playing high-resolution games on 2560X 1600 or even more!