With thelaunch of its latest addition, the NS notebook series, Gateway once again reaffirms its repute as quality producer of worthwhile gadgets. The latest new generation NS notebook from Gateway is the ultimate gadget to own for notebook lovers.  I was particularly moved by its reliability, stability, scalability and security in its various usages and applications.

Four Models in the Series

Produced in four models, the NS10, NS30, NS41 and NS51, the latest Gateway notebook   series was designed with the user in mind given their class product hardware ratings. The four models have different screen sizes and make use of the most recent Intel core fastest CPUs. This comes with an additional a chipset that can performs efficiently while at the same time maintaining energy efficiency.

Intel TurboBoost technology enables this to happen in the way it works, by automatically increasing processor speeds when the demand arises as you use the notebook. This is done even as the notebook keeps its power usage to the minimum and other factors such as temperature and current flows are maintained as well. What this and other superb specifications of the latest Gateway notebook series have done is enable you perform straining jobs and bigger loads of work faster with impressive computing results. It makes notebook usage a bit easier and more reliable as it gives you better quality and a feel that is almost natural. However, what I found interesting particularly with the latest Gateway notebook series is energy conservation.

Power Consumption

If you are the types that need extra power due to travel or other reasons, the new notebook series offers efficient performance but at considerable power optimization rates that allow it to save and additionally prolong your battery life.  You save on the notebook’s battery as you continually enjoy its optimum working thanks to the inclusion of the Ultrabright LED TFT LCD that equips the notebook with about 33% power save when contrasted with its competitors. Even better, there is an incorporated power save button that gives you full control of your battery usage. You can choose to save energy or increase its performance at one point of your usage. What this does is, once it is applied, the notebook will automatically commence advanced settings geared at prolonging your battery life.

Sleek Designs

If you are a designs lover, the new note book series from Gateway might interest you. They come in a thin, sleek designs and very lightweight. However, that does not compromise their performance nor does it have anything on the available space. You can find a notebook with as high as 640 GB of storage capacity in HDD or highs of up to 160 GB for SSD DVD enabled. These are but a few features of Gateway’s latest NS notebook series. There are a host of other features that I discovered and was amazed about.

From designing to performance, Gateway surely had user needs in mind when designing this latest release. The range of features is simply vast and professional at that; from superb processors to camera, DVD to power save, the notebook has it.