The sophisticated technology of current world is accelerating the life and making it more technology dependant. Computer which is a visionary digital machine has become a part of daily life of most of us. RAM, Random Access Memory is the storage device of computer and is inserted in the integrated circuit while data can be accessed in any sequence or randomly. Thus it is termed as random access memory or RAM. This device helps in the transportation of data through a physical address which may not be subjected or related to previous transfer.

Before the invention of integrated RAM, relays, vacuum tubes and delay memories were used that were not randomly accessed. In 1950s, the early development of RAM took place when it was made with magnetic mechanism. The main development took place in late 1960s and early 1970s when Static RAM and Dynamic RAM were produced. This invention comes across with the diversification of memory transferring and fastens the transport.

The mainstreams RAM are of two types like Static and Dynamic RAM. Static RAM uses a form of flip-flop to circulate data. It uses almost six transistors for its function. On the other hand, Dynamic RAM (DRAM) is typically charged on the capacitor. Likely other microprocessors, memory circuit is built with millions of transistors and capacitors. The capacitor keeps the data and the transistor works as a switch to control circulation process. Read only memory (ROM) has almost the same mechanism as RAM, but some selected transistors are blocked with metal mask which is not familiar in RAM. Static and Dynamic RAM are volatile type storage devices which require power to store and maintain data. . If RAM capability is 2GB it can accommodate two million bytes for programs. But in case of ROM, it can provide space to the programs which is required for booting and startup processes.

When one byte data is received, the chip adds the 1s first. If the total number is odd, then parity bit is fixed as 1; otherwise 0 is set in case of even number of total. The data is again forth backed to bits and the parity bit is compared again. If this time it matches with the earlier ones, the data is assumed to be perfect and sent to CPU.

RAM is tool of necessity for mainly the high resolution works and multi tasking jobs. RAM speeds up the data processing and access in hard drive. In case Windows XP demands 128 MB RAM as minimum requirement, Linux operators must possess 4MB RAM for flawless operation of applications. Higher spaced RAM is essential for professional gamers or graphics specialists. In fact many games and designing software also face problem with low RAM space. In coming days new and faster RAMs will be launched for better speed and user comfort.