ASUS unveiled the 890FX motherboards to display the company’s hexa-core architecture’s capabilities. Using the capabilities of AMD processors, the company showcased its six core computing design.

The ROG Crosshair IV Formula and M4A89TD PRO are fitted with 890FX AMD processors which give unmatched performance and are the best in its league in the computing industry. Its fast processing and unmatched graphics shall create a new set of standards for the company. The motherboards are fitted with exclusive ASUS technologies like Core and Turbo Unlockers. The users will be facilitated with turbo boosters and high level performance, with unprecedented over clocking for higher end experience for the user. This combination teamed up with AMD processor shall change the whole computing experience system for the user and shall enable the user to achieve news heights in computing.

ASUS has incorporated various technologies and rather set a new level of standards which is very hard for the competitors to achieve. ASUS has also many awards along with awards for its motherboards for its unprecedented and high class enabling of various technologies.

Its Core Unlocker technology has earned higher than expected remarks from all over the industry, just because ASUS developed it into a concept to increase the speed of the user computing. It has been transformed into the most reliable and efficient way of transforming and unlocking various cores that are available on the motherboard. Now ASUS, with the usage of AMD 80 series processors enables to operate on full six cores of computing. It has been termed as the most powerful, smart and intelligent over clocking technology, which can enable heavy computing which include extensive using of visual software and even high level gaming.

Joe Hsieh, General Manager of Motherboard Business with ASUS, said that the company will always be there to deliver to the needs of the customer, providing them with motherboards and graphics of unprecedented heights. He said that the new technologies of Turbo and Core Unlockers will enable the best computing options, which will make them the best value for money processor for the customer.

ASUS has designed the AMD black edition and six core technology, which are enabled with Core Unlockers, that will intelligently manipulate the clock speed. With one clock they can attain even higher computing speed to ease their work harmony. This has also enabled faster than ever connectivity, which is a must for today’s world.

ASUS has always stood out in the market in terms of technology, innovation, design and price. They always been the front runner in services also, this is what places them very high and now with hexa-core technique available they are going to storm the market.