Dell Inc. is a very famous Multinational corporation which supports, develops and sells computers and related products. Inspiron was a product line started by Dell as a range of laptop computers. It was targeted at the entry level with a high starting price. Recently, the Inspiron also suggests a range of Dell’s entry level desktop systems that had replaced the Dimension line of desktop PCs. It has become a major budget line by 2010.

Despite the many design boxes that the MNC has built over the years, it now seems to be breaking free. On September 14 at the Intel Developer Forum, it unveiled a hybrid tablet and laptop system which is called the Inspiron Duo.

Before we go ahead, we need to understand the differences between laptops and tablet PCs. Both are viable options to choose from. A laptop is a typical desktop setup or a personal computer that is designed for mobile use and is light and small enough to be rest on the user’s lap. It has both the mouse and keyboard installed. Tablets on the other hand, have a digital pen instead of a keyboard and a mouse. They have a special touch screen display. Both laptops and tablet PCs are portable enough to be carried wherever you go, but there can be some tablet PCs which are bulky and used only as desktops. Although both products have comparable features, their prices may vary. Generally speaking, a laptop costs less than a table PC. Talking about the functionality, laptops enable better hardware for faster performance with many programs. However, the touch screen facility of a tablet PC ensures increased functionality with certain programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

Now let us get back to Dell’s Inspiron Duo. The 10 inch screen of the tablet would work as a detachable tablet (through a swiveling hinge) as well as a display for the typical notebook setup. Instead of Android, it would run Windows 7 Home Premium and contains Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 processor. It hopes to serve entertainment through the tablet and productivity through the physical keyboard. Windows could make a good operating system here as it would enable playing with a wide range of Microsoft applications. However it remains to be seen if performance would be an issue for this device. Meanwhile Dell has already been making claims that it would be the most powerful Windows tablet in the world.

Although no pricing for the product has been revealed as yet, Dell has promised that the Inspiron Duo would be available later this year. By providing the best of both worlds, it is aiming to fill the gaps created by iPad. That is because iPad had the difficulty of being used as a productivity tool without a physical keyboard.

However, it remains to be seen if it would make the former a better buy than the Android tablets that are on their way.