HP Pavilion laptops now come with a new touch pad design. The new design has been introduced because the mouse button model which was used in HP Pavilion laptops was a big hit. The click pad did not work out well from the time it was used in the netbooks. The touch pad was over sized and hence was clean looking but combining the two ideas did not come out well because the cursor movement was not proper. Though the touch pad was considered very fashionable by the users it could not be merged with the click pad. HP made quite a lot of effort to solve this problem and used many software drivers.

It also took the help from company that made the click pads. After this, HP decided to launch a completely new hardware and fix the problem. The new touch pad had right and left mouse button and HP made it look like the classic click pad and hence it looked bigger and better. With the new HP Pavilion dv6, the burden was lifted as it came out to be a really cool one. A feature that can be added by the customers according to their choice is a bright LED light that will surround the touch pad. Also HP added a speaker above the keypad. The new model of HP Pavilion will have hardware and software to increase the audio quality. Another cool feature is that it has let the heat radiating vent to the sides and hence the palm rest area while typing will not get heated. The new HP Pavilion touch pads are available from March and the price will range from $749.99 to $999.99.