HP has launched a new touch screen tablet PC, HP TouchPad. It is an exciting product from the house of HP. The TouchPad has a big screen of 9.7 inches. With this big screen it is possible for you to enjoy all the features like viewing pictures and videos. It makes all the things a lifetime experience for you. Whether it is your new game or it is video streaming, it is all like never before. With the Snapdragon processor, it efficiently processes your requests whether it is working on the Word documents or your new software applications. It is all there for you. With the lightening fast processor it is possible for you to do multitasking.

With the arrival of this machine it is all there on Amazon for sale. But there is no price list given there. So it is good opportunity to speculate about it. One more thing that can be done to sort out this problem is to wait for new tablets to be launched. This will decide the whole strategy of the company. Before moving ahead it becomes important for you to check the technical specifications of the new entrant. Let’s have a look what you are going to get.

The TouchPad has a dedicated operating system which is developed by the company itself. It is HP OS. With that company is offering high connectivity options of Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and all other options like 3G and other options like Bluetooth wireless technology (2.1).

There are other features that make it a great buy. With its Snapdragon processor it is  possible to do multitasking. 1.2GHz is the speed of the processor. The screen’s resolution is 1024×768, with this it is all possible to have a crystal clear picture quality. It has a storage capacity of 16GB and 32GB (internal memory). It also has a web browser for accessing the Internet.

TouchPad is packed with the multimedia features like music, video (playback and recording as well) the vast storage space makes it all possible for you to cherish all the golden moments of your life. For a live video chat there is a 1.3 MP camera on the front side of the case.

What more it has all the additional features like there is a light sensor in it which makes it very comfortable viewing the picture and video on your HP TouchPad. There is an accelerometer and compass as well just to make you able to get the information about the right direction. What’s more it is so light (weighs only 740 gms) that you would love to hold it.