The latest news about HP is regarding its tablet PC based on WebOS. The WebOS is an operating system for mobile devices, which was initially developed by Palm and then subsequently by HP. HP made alterations in WebOS released by Palm and gave it a new identity as HP WebOS. It is an embedded operating system, which was initially developed for smartphones. Now, HP is going to release WebOS for its new tablet PC. The WebOS operating system runs comparatively faster than other mobile operating systems as it consumes minimal system resources.

HP is going to introduce its new tablet PC based on HP WebOS. Further a training video will be released by HP for retail partners. This video released by HP comprises of the strategy termed as “The Big Idea”. The WebOS by HP is going to unite several platforms including netbook, smartphone devices and tablet PCs. The WebOS supports a variety of platforms. If the same OS is used by a phone, a slate or a netbook, information on these platforms can be shared. This time HP is going to take the lead in the market of tablet PCs. The reason behind the successive steps of HP lies in its WebOS developed for its own machine. Apple has already been successful in developing an OS for its own devices.