In the last week of the month of February 2011, HP made public some very useful information about is new business laptops. These laptops will now be loaded with features that would make the task of swapping components or fixing the PCs much easier. These business laptops, the new EliteBook and ProBook, will be having Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. They will be shipped worldwide in the month of March 2011.

The most striking feature of these laptops is the panel they would have at the bottom that can be separated with ease to uncover the fan, hard drive, memory and networking modules. What makes this feature so striking is that in the previous models the screws had to be taken out to remove the panel. Now this task would be as easy as just removing the panel and replacing it with the most updated components to keep your system in tune with time.

According to the officials of HP, if a person wants to upgrade the memory, swap the hard drive, add a wireless WAN card, the new models make the tasks very simple for them. For instance, in the previous models where it was required to remove a keyboard to upgrade memory; it was very tough to remove a fan. In the new models, with the placement of the substitutable components at the bottom, the replacement of a part won’t put others components at risk.

Many experts are worrying about the cutting down of the size of the components in the laptops. They tend to give second priority to the accessibility. But the squeezing of the components will benefit HP in terms of the benefits and the reduced cost that its customers will enjoy with the easy accessibility. What makes the benefit of easy accessibility all the more alluring is the fact that this kind of option was till now was the privilege of the users of desktops.

To add to it, the laptops will also have an advanced version of QuickWeb, a quick-boot supporting environment, which enables the user to boot or start the system in flash of seconds. It will make the task as easy as checking the  e-mail. Moreover the laptops are all set to be more rugged. In the EliteBook we can have the luxury of choosing from the two new models of laptops. The first model, 8460p  priced at US$999, comes with a 14-inch screen and 4.57 pounds (2.07 kg) weight. The second model 8560p, priced at US$1.099, has a 15.6 inch screen. Both of them have a nine-cell battery and provide 8 hours standby.

The ProBook series flaunts four models and the screen size ranges from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches. They boast of having a USB 3.0 and HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) ports.