HTC is a Taiwan based manufacturing company that mostly deals with developing and selling smartphones. Although it initially made smartphones based on Windows Mobile software, the focus of the company gradually shifted its focus from Windows Mobile devices to those based on the Android operating system.

Smartphones belong to that category of mobile phones which offer advanced computing abilities and better connectivity that a normal mobile phone. They are usually known as handheld computers integrated with the features of a mobile. The sale of smartphones has increased rapidly over the years, with the numbers of smartphone users now in millions. In the smartphone category, there is no doubt that HTC has been giving tough competition to Apple. Now, the company is planning to make a mark in the tablet PC sector as well by early next year. This would put it into direct competition with the Apple iPad.

This news of HTC unveiling its new tablet device in early 2011 was made by component makers in Taiwan. This device is expected to run Android 3.0. but nothing has been properly confirmed as yet. We would come to know how true it is during the HTC bids for components relating to a particular new product. That would ensure that a tablet is in the works. Meanwhile the Taiwan manufacturers state that the company would be a major advantage in the market because of their healthy relationship with Google. It is also being claimed by them that it should have enhanced quality and performance, being at par with their smartphones quality. Also, it should not have any problem in forming alliances with global mobile operators.

All that is fine but one wonders why the Taiwan component makers are making such claims and how did Android 3.0 come into scenario. The manufacturer, for the time being, is expected to be working on a device with Verizon. It is suspected to use Google Chrome

Sometime in early 2009, HTC had been working on a tablet device. The company’s marketing director for Australia had stated at the time that the development was halted as the focus had again shifted to smartphones. For the moment, this news is mere speculation from the Taiwan manufacturers. and the rumours are being spread like wildfire. It must also be noted that in July this year, HTC’s online community manager and global PR, Eric Lin, had said in July that that have always been looking at that option. But one needs to have something compelling in order to be successful with a tablet and not just a compelling form factor.

A company spokesperson had also recently said that HTC does not comment on speculation and rumours, when he was asked about the tablet at the London arm of HTC’s event.

However, if the news is eventually found to be true, this product would be eagerly awaited because of HTC’s good track record of coming up with quality smartphones.