HTC, the Taiwan-based electronics company, is in the news again. After their many firsts like the world’s first touch screen smartphone in 2000, the first Android-based smartphone, and a wide range of smartphones from low cost units to high tech units, HTC has announced and released details of their first tablet, that is, the HTC Flyer. At the Mobile World Congress, HTC was given the device manufacturer of the year award.

HTC has always been a fast innovator and improviser, introducing newer and newer products at every stage of their growth, launched their tablet, the cloud computing and gaming-centric HTC Flyer. It once again brings the Stylus to the fore, after almost all players moving from Stylus to touch screen devices over the past 2 to 3 years. Announced as a fast, portable, lightweight tablet, the HTC Flyer takes gaming to a new level with their HTC Sense user interface. The 3D perspective brings the future of tablets to an all time high. The live video call feature adds pep to the product.

The Stylus, the magical pen, allows you to write, paint, draw and even retouch pictures. The HTC Watch in the HTC Flyer brings on-demand viewing, with superb SRS virtual surround sound on the 7-inch 3D screen. The high fidelity sound with the SRS WOW HD is delivered over dual speakers for a rich audio experience. The 720p HD camcorder app brings about a new experience with the unique 7-inch viewfinder allowing classy 5 MP photographs.

The e-book feature and high speed web access on the go make the HTC Flyer, the perfect companion. The SnapBooth feature with the magic pen allow you to make photographs and moments more memorable, where you can change lenses or add effects and even re-touch the photo, name it and add slogans, turning it even into a birthday card on the go.

When it comes to work applications, you have it all, be it e-mails or appointments or syncing the appointment to an e-mail account, or color coded, sorted, e-mails in your inbox, coded by importance or groups or content, the HTC Flyer brings value for money. The Evernote app for text notes or pictures or voice recording with the feature of syncing to secure online server, makes the HTC Flyer your most desired personal organizer. Wireless connectivity allows you to view and edit your office documents to be directly printed via Wi-Fi to a nearby printer in range.

The unique HTC Flyer with the Android 2.4 hybrid is up against the Android 3.0 based Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the ever news breaking iPad and a range of other Android based tablets.