The launch and popularity of iPad has given a clear indication of the direction where the market will be heading in future. Many leading computer manufacturers such as Dell, ASUS, Motorola and Lenovo have come up with their own version of tablet PCs to prevent the iPad from getting dominance.  It comes as a no surprise as one of the leading computer manufacturers HP joins the bandwagon. With announcement of WebOS devices and Hurricane tablet, HP has given an indication that it will play an active part in countering the threat presented by iPad.

HP had earlier dropped its plan of introducing a Windows-powered Slate in early 2010. The reason known for the company’s change of plans was its acquisition of Palm which is considered to be a smartphone specialist. After the acquisition of Palm, HP had access to the widely acclaimed WebOS which would provide an ideal platform for tablet PCs and similar devices. This year, HP did not showcase any new products in the most popular consumer electronics category of tablet PCs. The announcement from HP came quickly after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) when some of the leading manufacturers presented their tablet devices such as XOOM, Eee Slate and LePad.

HP in its press release clearly mentioned that the company is focused on the development of tablet PCs which will be based on the WebOS. The company has plans to reveal the details of WebOS (v2.0) and the range of devices that will be based on it. HP is confident about the WebOS and touts it as the first web-based operating in true sense. HP says the WebOS is a multi-tasking operating system which is one of its kinds in the market. Users can run twenty applications simultaneously on the WebOS.

Many industry analysts believe HP has missed the golden opportunity by not introducing or announcing tablets PCs and WebOS devices at the CES. HP has already made a foray into tablet market by making an announcement and it has aptly named the development project as “Hurricane”. HP has not however released any specification of the tablet PCs that it will be introducing.