IBM has announced its desire to further include server choices for the popular x-series. These servers as the epitome of efficiency, as, they find no problems in handling huge transportation of data from one end of the network, to the other. Plus, they also run on minimal power making them the perfect servers to be used in a network environment that does not just have to deal with huge data fields but also rising power costs.

Dataram Corp., a specialist computer memory and storage device manufacturer has announced that it will immediately make available the memory upgrades for the System-x servers. This memory product category also known as DDR3L RDIMM, will be fully compatible with the Xeon 5600 series – Intel processors built to take the load in servers.

What Does The New DDR3L Bring To The Table?

According to President & CEO of Dataram Corp., John Freeman, Dataram was not just looking to produce any high capacity memory chip. Instead, they were aiming to design a chip that will also comply with the Green standards so as to minimize the power demand on the environment. This is what makes the new Dataram produce, ideal to be used as the memory device for the power saving next gen IBM X servers.

The stand-out features of the new Dataram DDR3L Memory are as follows:

  • A data transfer rate that boasts of a 10.6 Gigabyte/sec
  • An operating voltage that is just around the 1.35 V limit making it highly power efficient.
  • Advanced cooling capacity that uses heat spreading technology
  • Heat sensor that can accurately monitor the DIMM module thereby, preventing it from exceeding the maximum operating temperature (95C)

The two models of Dataram’s DRIX1333RL are available in 4 GB as well as 8GB variants while the DRIX1066RL comes with 8 GB capacity. They are best rendered for a series of IBM X servers like x3400 M3, x3500 M3, x3550 M3, x3620, x3650 M3 as well as the iDataPlex dx360 M3.

Benefits of the DRIX1333RL memory

The DRIX1333RL also known as ‘DDR3L’ or ‘PC3L’ in the computing industry are said to show immediate results.  Customers will fast notice their energy efficiency most notable of which are the low power requirements for both consumption as well as cooling. As its operating voltage of 1.35 V is well below the standard 1.5 V, you can expect to see up to 20% savings in power utilization after installing this new memory.

The best part is that all this is achieved without having to do any serious trade-offs on budget, reliability or performance of the memory device. In fact, you can get a discount of up to 40% on purchasing IBM x-series servers fit with the new Dataram memory chips.

Final Comments

With power utilization and data transfer efficiency topping the charts for any server, let alone IBM system X servers, it is of principal essence that the memory support be of the same caliber.

With the new Dataram memory, the IBM x-series gets that extra edge in performance and savings when compared to its counterparts. Add to that the scalability factor of the server, and you know you have got a lethal combination here.