Intel has launched a new AppUp center for netbooks which offers Adobe AIR applications and Microsoft Silverlight.

Like any other app centre the AppUP center has been inspired by Apple’s iStore, in order to provide a range of product offerings for Intel products.  In the  AppUP center    you can find services such as free and paid apps, social networking and gaming apps, news apps and product apps for netbooks . All of the apps have been customized optimized for the netbook’s shape, size and style.

In order to compete aggressively against other apps store, Intel is offering the AppUp center on a free trial basis. This will enable developers to create “lite” version apps which will enable a broad range of apps to be introduced into the market for netbooks.

In the US, Best Buy will be selling netbooks with the AppUp center, simultaneously Intel

will look after the “AppUp Developer Program” to create applications for netbook users.  Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo OS will be allowed access for Windows netbook users for the AppUp store.  The main reason for this free access is the upcoming MeeGo Web runtime which is scheduled to be released in October. This will make it easier for developers to write applications for Linux-based netbooks.

The AppUp center for netbooks is seen as a keen marketing strategy for Intel in order to create more royalty in the customers. The AppUp center seeks to provide constant updates on applications that will enhance the performance of netbook users.