As one of the largest microprocessor companies of the world Intel has recently announced that production new atom based processor. Intel, The first ever microchip manufacturer is looking for a sophisticated use of this processor mostly in the Smartphone market.

As the Smartphone market around the globe is rapid expanding, the phone manufactures demand more sophisticated processors which are fast and flexible. With the vision to make more fast technology, Intel tends to make sure that this cutting edge technology can accelerate the Smartphone run! But Intel still lacks in converting its notebooks and computers to mobile. But Intel watches it as their first step towards this. They wish to make it possible within a very short period. “It’s really our first foot in the door,” said Anand Chandrasekher, general manager of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group. Intel steps quite behind in mobile processor than current market giants like Qualcomm, Texas Instrument, Marvell and Nvidia. But Intel is taking initiative to remove this discrepancy by new products and deals. They signed a deal with Nokia and LG, while one of Nokia’s products is going to be launched this year which is using Intel mobile processor. The Moblin Linux OS is the latest Intel product for Nokia which can accelerate Intel’s motion towards the success in mobile processor industry. The main criticism against Intel is that they are unable to produce enough power which can support a smartphone. So now Intel looks mainly into the power solution and they claim that they have successfully done this. Intel officials strongly pronounced its capacity to consume 50% of idle power and 5 hour active battery life. Atom Z6 series SoC processor is combined with various 3D graphics mode, video encode and decode and display controller.

Experts think that smart phone will pose the normal cell phones’ space within next few years. In fact they can superimpose laptops and PCs with their extensive advantages in E-mailing, browsing, video and audio conferencing along with multi tasking. They predict processors of these phones will readily concentrate on these issues and make it more reliable and user friendly. Experts hope to see new features on new processors which can place a computer. They hope Moorestown- the tiny package of Intel can carry all these graphical and video and audio facilities which could make PCs obsolete!

The $53 billion company now tends to penetrate into the mobile processor industry. Intel ensures the better productivity and higher quality of its products. They promise higher speeds and better energy resolution including many graphical moods in this new version of processor. Experts think that Google’s success is wholly depends on performance and user’s acceptance. Intel claims that they launched the new processor for more development in the mobile software system. They also emphasize on the diversification of cell phones and hence want to produce much more interactive and user friendly fast and flexible processors.