Intel six-core i7-990X Extreme, the successor to its previous version Core i7-980X running on 3.33 GHz of raw speed, is the latest chip from Intel. The Intel Core i7-990X  promises 3.73 GHz speed running on Intel Turbo Boost Technology also featuring six-cores and a mind boggling 12 processing threads with Intel Hyper-Threading technology. Even while boasting a clock speed of 3.46GHz, it also has over clocking features that allow users to manipulate and increase speeds according to their requirements and multitasking requirements. The chip features 12MB of Intel’s famous L2 Intel Smart Cache, with supporting 3 Channel DDR3 10266 RAM all together drawing 130 Watts of power. This raw unstoppable power is for hard core multi taskers with enough juice to simultaneously run 3D games media editors and HD movies.

The Core i7-990X is Intel’s best foot forward in the long ensuing battle with AMD for the fastest and best performance in computer processors. The components behind this awe inspiring performance include Intel Turbo Boost Technology to maximize speed and performance for applications that demand more, automatically accelerating speed and computer performance to match your needs, Intel HT Technology enabling applications requiring multiple threads to get the job done with the threads running parallel. It offers a total of 8 threads to the operating system, Intel Smart Cache, Intel QuickPath interconnect designed to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency providing data transfer speeds reaching up to 25.6 GB per seconds. Intel HD boost provides considerable improvement in multimedia and highly computer intensive programs. The six-core i7-990X extreme chip is derived from old Westmere architecture utilizing the 32nm fabrication technology and is free from the recent chipset flaw that Intel had announced.

According to the information on Intel’s webpage the Core i7-990X would provide the user the option to wield the ultimate in gaming technology for a enchanting 3D experience, revel in the experience of smoother and more realistic gaming using Intel’s revolutionary technique of distributing AI, Physics, and rendering across its 6 cores and 12 threads bringing 3D to real life. This is the ultimate in a total 3D experience bringing never before speed and performance to a desktop.

Intel hasn’t currently released an official price quotation on there new Core i7-990X chips however a retailer NewEgg has priced the chip at $1049, the same price for which previous flagship processing chip called Core i7-980X was being sold.