I remember the day when I had bought my first computer. I had been after my father to make the purchase for a long time (let’s face it, in the earlier days; a computer was unaffordable for many!). On the big day, I did not have much idea about the configuration I wanted but just knew one thing- I wanted an Intel Pentium 3 Processor! Yes, funny as it may sound, my knowledge about computers was only limited to the processor. Intel-the world leading in chip maker has been around since decades and has made an everlasting impression on the world of computers. However, not being able to make stand alone graphics chips has been the only setback for this great organization!

Intel has done some commendable work and has always been ahead of competition. Sometime back, Intel decided to venture in the field of standalone graphics chips and announced the launch of Larrabee, which had a number of processing cores on a single chip and can be used for processing 3D graphics. Last December, Intel left everyone surprised when it announced the scrapping of the commercial launch of Larrabee. Chief Executive Paul Otellini responded by stating that the product had been talked about a bit too early and that they are currently not in a position to beat the competition!

There was a lot of speculation that the project might be scrapped altogether, but recently, in response to a question at the company’s analyst meeting, Otellini confirmed that there is steady progress in the Larrabee project. He stated that a number of engineers are working on developing the graphics platform and this number has increased in the last few months! This suggests that Intel will come up with a launch very soon and graphics card manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD should be on their toes! Intel has always been known to deliver world class products and this will be no exception.

The apparent purpose behind the whole fiasco is that Intel, like any other world class company, is thinking long term and not bothering about the short term losses in the process. It surely is taking its time to launch Larrabee. Gaming has been the main focus to produce sophisticated graphics chips and there have been rumors that PS4 will be using Larrabee as its graphics chip. But a rumor, is well, just a rumor!

Intel is surely taking its own sweet time before they make any formal announcement! In the meantime, they stated that they are taking big steps forward to produce powerful chips that will house both- a microprocessor as well as a graphics chip on a single chip! This is sure to be a big launch of the future which will target mostly portable electronics and smart phones.

Intel’s slow progress in the field of Graphics chips has been subject to much criticism. However, this is one company which knows the pulse of the market! Intel will surely be able to come out with a product which will dazzle markets the world over!