Intel has always been known to provide its customers with innovative solutions. Most computer manufacturers rely heavily upon Intel to come out with new processors time and again. But if an organization such as Intel doesn’t shoulder this responsibility, which else will? Over the years, this one company has surpassed all competition to emerge as the No.1 chip manufacturing brand the world over!

Recently, news about Intel’s new mobile chips has led to much speculation over its specifications and pricing. Laptop manufacturers around the world are seeing great business opportunities as systems run on these processors will run faster and longer. Many technology enthusiasts and avid bloggers have noticed several references and leaks to the new range of Core i3 Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) CPUs, along with newer versions of the current i5 and i7 processors. Part of the ULV family, these are expected to replace the Core 2 duo in the ultra portable segment of notebooks.

The i3 and i5 ULV CPUs are proposed for the ultra slim segment of laptops, typically 12 to 14 inch systems. These systems require highly power efficient processors for their slim designs. The new versions will be less powerful than the standard voltage i3 and i5 models, but will be faster that Intel’s Atom chips meant for notebooks. They will be built on the same 32 nm platform like their full power counterparts. The graphics will also be integrated into the chips, as has been the case with earlier models.  The power saving that these chips offer, will facilitate better performance from the laptops!

At the same time, has made mention of new Intel mobile processors. HP Envy’s repair manual for new HP laptops has listed new, powerful chips from the house of Intel. The website claims that the manual mentions a 1.86 GHz Core 17 840 QM, an upgrade in speed, which will take it past the 1.73 GHz for the first time. Another possible new chip mentioned is the i7 1.73 GHz 740 QM. A core i5 450 M is also talked about, which will run at 2.4 GHz speed , the same as that of the i5 520M with 3MB of cache.

There are other predictions such as a new 2.26 GHz quad Core i7 replacing the 2GHz model. Newer i5 500 series chips could also be introduced which are faster that the current 2.4 GHz and 2.53 GHz models. All this information may lay the grounds for some new PCs to introduce themselves in the market pretty soon.

The pricing of these chips are expected to be lesser than the $800 mark. ULV chips have great power saving capabilities along with offering optimum performance and value for money! There is a huge market for these products and a company like Intel knows that! PC Client Operations VP William Smith has said that these chips can be put to use by companies before spring but customers looking to purchase notebooks will have to wait till the second half of 2010. Companies such as Apple and Acer are keeping a keen eye on the market and are expected to come out with their versions pretty soon!