A Smartbook is a category of mobile devices that contain the features of both a Netbook and a Smartphone. It resembles a mini-laptop with a screen size of 5-10 inches and a touch screen keyboard. They have features including Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G, all day battery life and GPS. They are designed more for entertainment purposes rather than for productivity purposes and are targeted to work with online applications. Freescale is one of the top Semiconductors leaders in the world. It is involved in the vision of making the world a much smarter and better connected place with its leading embedded solutions for mobile phones, cars and networks. It aims to make such consumer products available all around us

Another recent feather in Freescale’s cap is the introduction of a 7-inch Smartbook Tablet Design. This design is supposed to make big waves in the tablet industry market in the next few years.One of the best parts is that it is available only for $199. However, despite the price being quoted by Freescale, it by no means seems to be the final price. It is so because manufacturing companies which plan to buy this design from Freescale will customize it and end up charging the customers. Even though it is suggested by Freescale that the design will be brought to the market within six months, the software and hardware customizations would appear to take longer than that. This would also mean that depending on the configuration, it could be available in retail stores for up to $250.

The time and price factors apart, the Freescale tablet design looks very promising. It has a long list of fascinating features like a network worthy ARM processor, a 7 inch touch screen display, 4 to 64GB hard drive and 512MB RAM. Other features include 1GHz Freescale ARM A8 CPU, 1024 x 600 pixels Resolution, 3G facility, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi access and GPS, a 3 Mega-pixel camera, 1900 mAh Battery, Power Management IC, and media features like audio in/audio out, SIM card slot, microphone and speaker. About the Operating system, it is primarily a browser based Linux derivative that would make it possible to install Linux applications. A special keyboard docking station for $50 introduced by Freescale can be used as an added accessory. This can be used if you need to do some typing for personal or official purposes.

This way, the best of both worlds can be brought to you thus proving the advantages and dominance the Smartbook has over the other tablets. If the design is picked by a decent OEM and is brought to the market with a price less than $200, it would be a must buy and a unique possession for gadget savvy users. By coming up with its own tablet design, Freescale has shown the world what the Freescale technology is capable of. Their tablet design can also serve as a reference design for computer makers around the world.