iPad is a wireless tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. It is becoming very popular due to its unique design and attractive features. The iPad is used frequently as a platform for audio and video media such as movies, music, books and also for web contents. The design is almost same as smart phones and laptops. It runs on the same operating system as iPhone and iPods, it also supports only Apple’s products and applications. It has some great features like it has multi touch display and you do need a stylus to operate it. It is also powered with 3G network and iTunes; it is getting more positive reaction after it was launched. You can buy this device at any Apple store or from any computer store; it is also available online for those who is more interested in online shopping. You can buy this device from Apple online store. Now it is also available at Amazon and target, as they are the biggest online retailers. Now consumers has more options to purchasing the device; if you are using Amazon then the product will be tax free and no shipping charges also.

Before the announcement, they sell it from a third party involvement but now onwards you can purchase the device directly from Amazon. Amazon is the biggest retailer online and the consumer base is also the biggest. It was predicted by many that iPad is coming on Amazon and target but they announced on Sunday. You can still buy the device at Best buy but Amazon’ offerings are slimmer. You can choose between two models available online: 32GB and 64 GB WI-FI only models. You can purchase on the same price as available every where, these two priced at $599 and $699 respectively.

There is no third party involvement in the purchasing now onwards. If you are a prime customer of Amazon then there will be no shipping charges for you. As per the Amazon’s reputation we can say that this is the perfect digital retail store for any one who is planning to buy this device. One of the most attractive features is that it delivered in maximum 2 days and Amazon is also very reliable source in the world of online retailers. Target is also a good location for purchasing the iPad and you can view reviews and comments also about the product. If you have Target credit card then you will get a cool 5% discount on buying the iPad. The only difference when you buy from Amazon and target.com is the sales tax; you have to pay sales tax if you are purchasing the device from Target.com.

Like Amazon and Target.com, there are also other stores started selling the device in USA. There is Fry’s electronics which is the largest in the western part of USA. So now onwards you have three more options to buy an iPad from.