iXsystems has an all new product for their line of iX-TBX4X2, which they called Triton TwinBlade Server. According to the company, this is the best solution for the usual issues of their system administrators who are in dire need of energy efficiency, ease of management as well as density, especially in environments that are primarily under FreeBSD as well as Linux.

To date, this is the most efficient blade server that is energy-saving in the entire industry. Plus, it has more than one N+1 power supplies. In fact, it actually has four. These power supplies are all of high efficiency two thousand five hundred watts.

According to the Product Marketing Manager of iXsystems, Inc., Andre Madrid, the company’s focus is largely on the hardware designs associated with their open sources, which is something unlike other server companies. In fact, this is how they find out which particular hardware is compatible with a certain piece of software that is necessary for open source system administrators.

The company’s customers and long list of loyal clients have entrusted their full confidence that the newly developed iX-TB4X2 has fully tested for compatibility beforehand. They tested the product with their very own OS and saw for themselves that the product did not encounter any problems, especially ones associated with post-deployment.

The chassis of the iX-TB4X2 actually holds up to ten TwinBlade servers. Additionally, each of these TwinBlade servers actually supports a couple of nodes. The unique ability to house approximately twenty nodes in rack space of 7U is offered by this particular product. Among all TwinBlade Servers, the extra special Triton TwinBlade has a 0.35U per dual processor node that has been reported to be twice as dense as its previously released dual processor blades.

The aforementioned two nodes actually feature an Intel 5500 Chipset, as much as one hundred twenty eight gigabytes DDR3 1333 or 800 or 1066 MHz ECC Registered DIMM. Or, if not that, it may also include thirty two gigabytes worth of Un-buffered DIMM. They also have the all-new Intel Xeon Processor 5500 or 5600 Series, all complete with a QPI to as much as 6.4 GT/s. Other than that, there is also the Intel 82576 Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet.

The Hot-Plug SATA Drive Trays are measured with dimensions of two by two and a half inches. Its graphics are also state-of-the-art as it is integrated with Matrox G200eW. Plus, it also has integrated versions of the IPMI2.0, along with a Remote KVM as well as Virtual Media. Lastly, it also has the presently famous Mellanox ConnectX QDR InfiniBand of forty Gbps or ten GbE worth of Support.

Since the company is used to being around FreeBSD Companies, the iXsystems is always prepared to build FreeBSD-certified servers as well as solutions for storage that run the FreeBSD Mall.

The company is also largely dedicated to providing its long list of customers with the best quality when it comes to each of their enterprise rack-mount server solutions. In fact, they have upgraded themselves and have decided to provide more than the usual server solutions, as they are now also providing their clients with scalable storage solutions, server appliances that have been pre-configured, as well as customer-focused organization.