Lenovo recently revealed its newest range of six new ThinkPad notebooks running on Intel Sandy Bridge range of powerful Core and Core vPro processors. The range includes the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 models, all designed keeping in mind business usage, with vast improvements to their battery life and performance in comparison to the previous generation of notebooks.

The T420 is supposed to provide users battery backup time of nearly 15 hours with the standard nine-cell battery which is a part of the system. With an additional nine-cell battery, battery back time of 30 hours can be achieved. The whole range comes with powerful graphics supplement of NVIDIA’s Optimus technology which comes with the additional automatic switching between integrated and discrete graphics components for a wholesome visual experience. Further features which give these notebooks a boost are separate microphone modes for private and conference call for video and voice conferencing experience.

The 720p webcam allows you to do video conferencing. They also come with inbuilt noise cancelling technology to bury out keyboard noise and provide emphasis on a single voice to provide clarity. However, the famed battery life comes with a rider; it is achieved with an extended battery pack which is an accessory and not just with the battery already part of the system. Also adding on to its battery life and other features is the fact that the T420 is extremely light weighing a mere 1.8 Kg. It also has HD LED display providing a resolution of 1600×900 which gives its users the capability of running 720p videos without downgrading them. In the audio department the notebook features superb Dolby Home Theatre v4 sound system for a good audio experience that would add on to the already superb video experience.

Lenovo has made sincere efforts to provide standardized accessories so as to provide easier deployment in large enterprise environments and across various businesses. The T-, W- and L-series come with a standardized docking station, with batteries that can be easily swapped between different models of the same notebooks. Also security features like encrypted hard drives, fingerprint scanners for identification and log on etc. are available.

This new range of notebooks from Lenovo including the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 will be available this March, with prices $1,329, $779, $909, $719 and $1,329, respectively. These new notebooks from Lenovo raise the bar of business laptops with added functionalities and quality graphics and video solutions. Also the added battery life is an added advantage for the business users. Lenovo has taken a new step forward in mobile business computing with these notebooks. Now we will have to wait and see the consumer’s response to this technology.