Lenovo says that the new ThinkPad laptops have better battery life with the launch of the latest T, L and W series computers which are fitted with Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Lenovo with its own innovative power saving technology, added Intel’s Sandy Bridge chip which has boosted additional power output of the system.

Lenovo admitted that its latest models are highly power efficient as compared to earlier versions. This PC giant is marketing extensively on the efficient battery backup of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. It says that a 9-cell battery will support the new ThinkPad T420 for a minimum of 15 hours. Not to end, it is also stated that a tremendous battery backup time of almost 30 hours can be achieved with the use of an extra 9-cell battery.

Lenovo says new ThinkPads have better battery life and its slim version of T420 is guaranteed to provide minimum of ten hours battery backup with a 6 cell battery and another optional battery. Both the earlier and latest versions of Lenovo ThinkPad, the new T as well as W series, are offering NVIDIA Optimus technology. This technology gives an automated switch between integrated and discrete graphics which ultimately helps to get a much more effective blend of battery efficiency and final performance.

With a huge global market, Lenovo officials say new ThinkPads offer better battery life to customers. They have designed the product keeping in mind the main stream users. The screen sizes range from 14 inch for T420 to 15.6 inch for the T520 model. The CPU for the specified models is equipped with with a 2.13-GHz Intel Core i3 and 2.7 –GHz Intel Core i7 for T520 model.  Lenovo also declared 9 hours of battery backup for T420 and 11 hours of battery backup for T520.

Lenovo says that the new ThinkPads have better battery life compared to its earlier model T 410 due to the new processor. Extremely happy with the Intel Sandy Bridge processor, Lenovo has declared a battery backup of 15 hours with its 9-cell battery. The new ThinkPad has a superb 33 percent increase in its battery performance in the T and W laptop models. Further the battery life of the laptops is also enhanced with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0. Where the ports which are not used get closed down automatically due to which power saving is done much effectively. The remote accessibility has proven beneficial in case of theft. The GPS anti-theft feature allows the laptop to get locked and disabled from further usage hence leading to the protection of one’s important data.