Lenovo is a multinational computer manufacturing firm based in China and is known to market desktops, laptops, software related services, storage drives etc. The market share of Lenovo is increasing every year. It is the largest seller of personal computers in China. Lenovo was the fourth largest seller of its products in the world. Its market increased from 8.6% to 10.4 % in a year’s time. The principle operation centre and the research centers are located in many cites of countries like China, Japan, United States and many more. With the growing market, the company is also coming up in various other cities as well. IBM’s personal computer company division is now acquired by Lenovo and is now marketing the ThinkPad line of personal computers. IBM marketed this product in the year 2005 for $1.75 billion. Originally an IBM product, it was known for its boxy black design.

ThinkPad is known for durability, quality and performance. It’s very popular among students and business professionals. Lenovo’s ThinkPad has been used in space also and it has been certified for its use in the international space station. This is the only computer to be certified for its use in space. Lenovo has recently launched a new ThinkPad series, named it as ThinkPad X series. It has some unique features like 3.0 USB port, 12.5 inch uniquely sized screen and a very long battery life. These laptops are ultraportable. ThinkPad X220 of the new series is known to be a slight modification of the previously launched IdeaPad. The common features of both include 3 pound weight and both offer a 1366×768 resolution with a 12.5-inch screen. Some significant difference can also be seen in the two computers.

The major one being the USB port 3.0, unlike the IdeaPad which had USB port 2.0. The USB port 3.0 can have a download speed which is 10 times that of USB port 2.0. Apart from this the dual core processors are different from the previously launched IdeaPad computers. Some other differences include a built in 3G in the later one with long battery life. It has also provisions for solid state drives of 80 GB and 160 GB. The normal battery life with a 9 cell battery is great as it gives 15 hours battery backup. This increases to 24 hours by adding an external battery. The price range will be around $899 and will be available from the month of April 2011.