Lenovo, the multinational computer technology corporation is the fourth largest selling company of personal computers in the world. It is a Chinese based corporation currently handling operations around the world from Beijing, China, California United Stated and Singapore with research centers at many other different locations. The company is manufacturing large amount of computers goods on different scales for separate classes such personal computers, notebooks, work stations storage devices, etc. The company as a whole is one of largest selling brand in Chinese market by holding a large share of profit by capturing the target market.

They offer custom made personal computers and notebooks by dealing directly with the customers. The company has its own retail computer showrooms that are handled by brand expert and senior professionals in China, These showrooms are providing their services to valuable customers and generating revenue by competing with other brands in same field such as Dell, Sony, Hewlett- Packard Inc.

Android Tablet trend:

On behalf of Lenovo company the spokesman Wu Hwa announced that they are currently working on a new project named as Tablet PC, internally known as LePad. They further said they are using Google’s Android mobile platform for this project. They have used Android for the product because they want to introduce a device that is compatible with their LePhone, a Smartphone they are producing with Lenovo mobile company by using the same platform. The Android tablet has been made in order to stay compatible with the smartphone as well.

While telling about the product in detail, a spokesman explained that the exact launch date is not yet decided. Even original name might be different before introduction into the markets. Currently Tablet is used in their new manufactured product Q4 2010.

While explaining about the product, the vice president of the company announced that their innovation LePad, is an “Echo”, where the LePhone is an extremely important part. They have provided the best email and browsing service by utilizing the strategy of 3G. Additional details related to hardware applications were not shown by both the spokesman and vice president. The information regarding application expected to be available in next few months. Many computers companies like Dell, Hewlett- Packard have their attentions towards androids and are thinking on same field and planning to use tablets in their new products lineup in the near future.


LePhone was launched in April in China by Unicom which used Android and was admired by the users and gathered the consumer likeness. The analysts are now waiting to see that when should the LePad be launch. They are further predicting reactions of the users and the way they will respond to the new product.

The competition of the LePad is directly with the iPad from Apple that was launched in the April and made a high profit for the company in the 2nd quarter of the era. However the iPad sales now depend on demand and sale strategy where company is producing the product on large scale but the customers are few.