In late 2010, the MacBook Air notebook was accompanied by MacBook Air wallet, a travel case which is very compact and can be used while traveling. Scratch free pockets, foam padding, and impact resistant plastic based inserts, are some of the features of the MacBook Air Wallet for the 11-inch notebook. Other features of the MacBook Air Wallet are that it has self locking zippers, and impact resistant plastic with scratch free foam padding.

The MacBook Air Wallet keeps your MacBook Air super drive, power adaptors, and accessories safe. The pocket at the back provides plenty of storage that you require. For further protection there is are impact resistant insertion pockets which are available in the MacBook Air Wallet for protection.

The stylish MacBook Air cover comes in a choice of 6 panel colors, with brown leather side panels. MacBook Air is the next generation notebook from Apple. It can remain in standby mode for a month. It has a multi-touch track-pad which is smooth and spacious. It also has a long lasting battery. The slim and thin display houses an even thinner camera. NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card is provided along with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which delivers performance that you always wanted and the luxury of going wireless with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It is necessary to have a protective cover which is provided by Waterfield. If you are taking the MacBook Air on the road, the slim size and light weight is worthy to be taken on road. Accessories consist of mouse, adapters, chargers, Super Drive, cables etc. The MacBook Air Wallet can be easily carried and in the event of outdoor travel, you can opt for the shoulder strap and carry the MacBook Air as a standalone bag with you where ever you go. The MacBook Air Wallet comes in 6 shades of colors and is available with dealers of Apple. You pick up one of the colors namely brown, green, orange, blue, black, and light blue or more. The MacBook Air Wallet is compact, handy and safe to protect and carry your MacBook Air notebook wherever you go.