The attention on small business servers and cloud, have been more by Microsoft. Being officially called small business server, the Aurora server consists of a solutions that brings about both together. Microsoft bridges both local entrepreneurship and cloud bringing forth big business tools for small businesses.

It has been named Small Business Server Essentials of 2011 and it brings to target 5 to 25 users. Such small businesses have same needs as their counter parts and are unable to provide computing servers so small. Thus, the SBS 2011 has found many uses. They lack the budget or personnel and end up using consumer graded software which can neither serve less or more number of users.

This server provides local access to an active directory and storage such that it can store and use a minimum amount of info as well as distribute on a regular basis a small quantity of info. It also combines access to web based tools like Share-point, Exchange and Office Suite.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X clients. It provides a glance of all the supported systems on a dashboard, showing also alerts and system status. The Server system can be combined and used with the cloud-based offerings like Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) from Microsoft which will be soon replaced with Office 365, as well as SharePoint and with Exchange. It has Remote Web Access which helps recover data from anywhere on a network.

Access can be made available to users to retrieve their own documents or others on the server system. RWA can be used to connect users on a remote desktop session while system admin can use it to access the SBS system for their work.

Smaller businesses with smaller needs of 5 users can use the Windows Home Server for their server needs. Those businesses with larger needs of 25 users or more can use the SBS system.  Also businesses within the sweet spot of above 5 and fewer than 25 users can use the SBS 2011system which is robust with its features of advantages.

Being as it is called the `cross-premise` server, the Aurora SBS 2011 server, combines the cloud services of Exchange online with the Active Directory and storage services. With the Aurora, you can pick, choose and select while you maintain single conveniences of sign on of SBS products that have been previously integrated.

The Aurora is based on the similar codebase as is Windows home server and is called Vail. It is solid as a rock and easy for you to use. Its driver extender technology puts it on top. Unlike Vail, Aurora is a full product. The users and computers added to the server are managed by AD and not managed by a proprietary system like a work-group based system. This is why it is much preferred for small business.