The Surface Pro 3 tablet launched by Microsoft recently have some promising features in built, however the device is yet to pose any meaningful threat against Apple’s still dominant iPad.

Microsoft is all geared up to compete against the iPad mini, which is why it had created Surface Pro 3 tablet- a viable replacement for your laptop.  There is a tough competition going on between Microsoft and Apple and the one who’ll get all the benefits out from this are customers.

Explaining about the benefits of using Surface Pro 3, Analyst Jack Gold, said, “Microsoft completely understands what its user wants and that its future is not at the low end of consumer tablets, where ultra-thin margins and highly competitive vendors will dominate.”

He added, “We have focused on business users who look at tablets as replacement for their laptop.” The company has already started taking preorders and the price at which you can bring Surface Pro 3 home is $799. The first units of Pro 3 will be available on June 20.

This new slate has 12.1-inch full HD display that is larger than the 10.6-inch display on current surface Pro models. It has Windows 8.1 software installed with fourth-generation Intel Core processors that made it capable of handling the software like Adobe Photoshop. With Surface Pro 3, a user can get up to nine hours of battery life even after surfing the web.

Other specifications of the device include a light weight magnesium machine (1.76 pounds), single USB 3.0 port, micro SD card slot, and a mini HDMI port. Just in case you want an optional docking station to add ports and connectors to have more of a desktop experience then be ready to pay $199.99 for the add on.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce the pressure-sensitive pen that it believes is as natural and personal as writing with real pen on paper. Also, the company is putting emphasis on preloading Microsoft’s OneNote program, which is free, however, the user has to subscribe to Office 365 for other Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

During the launch Microsoft executive Panos Panay actually dropped the tablet intentionally on stage to show its durability however he did not make any formal claims about its sturdiness.