Lenovo is a Chinese computer giant and one of the largest laptop manufacturers. They are famous among consumers for high quality laptops. Now they are planning to establish two different operating divisions focused on Tablet PCs and mobile phones.

With the growing Tablet computer market this move will improve its chances of making an impact in this specific sector. Tablet PCs have seen healthy growth worldwide in recent time. The tablet popularity began with iPad from Apple Inc and we have seen many other participated with much influence in this sector. Seeing the latest trend, Lenovo is also preparing itself to get in on the action. Lenovo has plans to become a major player and also they want to become Apple of China.

Keeping the thing in mind the giant PC maker created a new business and operating division to focus on mobile devices, smart TVs and also cloud computing devices. The newly formed group is planning to put Lenovo in front of the pack. The new post will be taken over by Liu Jun, former president of Lenovo’s product group in Beijing.

Peter Hortensius, Lenovo’s head of product development said that this year will be the most important year in tablet computers. He also suggested that in 2011 we will see lot of winners and losers in the tablet sector, he is taking the role left by Liu Jun. he will set to lead the Lenovo’s new tablet-focused operation.

A statement released by Lenovo focused on products like the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid and LePad also, these models are cross between a tablet and laptop. Lenovo is planning to totally focus on its home turf i.e. China. Jiong Shao, an analyst at Macquarie Research explained that Lenovo is investing heavily on its R&D department and also on marketing. These steps are taken by Lenovo to think beyond PCs and focus on Mobiles, tablets and other sectors also. He also added that Lenovo will soon to launch its LePad around the Chinese New Year. The Lephone sales was very impressive in Lenovo’s fiscal third quarter.

He also told at last that we know that Lenovo has the ability to become Apple of China and in China, it is the only company which has the brand, channel and R&D capability to potentially realize this objective. The statement is how much on the target will be interesting to see but at present Lenovo is very aggressively focusing on its Tablet computers and mobile segment. Lenovo is going to make it big at least in China as the progress is being made.

With the entire Tablet computer’s offering it is looking very interesting to see the competition in coming months. They are developing the tablet to stay in the competition and also to gain more faith from consumers. We hope it will be a quality product like its laptops.