The tablet market is at its peak with every company coming up with their tablet computers and providing new features. Motorola is one such company which has made its tablet and named it as Motorola XOOM. Motorola is a multinational telecommunication company which manufactured wireless handsets, mobile phones, broadband service products like the set top box, digital video recorders etc. The latest launch of Motorola is a tablet computer named Motorola XOOM. It is an Android based tablet which uses Android 3.0 or the Honeycomb version. This was released just last month in the year 2011. Along with Motorola XOOM, the other products launched were Motorola Atrix, the Motorola Droid Bionic, and the Motorola Cliq 2.

The Motorola Xoom has Android 3.0 as its operating system, but Motorola wants to upgrade it to a 4G LTE. This provision will also be made on the tablets which are unlocked. The Motorola 3G XOOM is not eligible for upgrading and hence the change. Motorola has said that the Motorola tablets which are on the Verizon network will be eligible for this upgradation. It’s important for Motorola to go in for this upgradation because 3G doesn’t allow many new features which the 4G does. To sustain in this type of competitive market it’s important to make some upgradations or else the product won’t do well. In this age there is no limit for the tablets and with every company jumping into the task of making tablets the competition doesn’t seem to reduce in any way. So Motorola has thought of a nice way to sustain its position in the market.

Motorola XOOM will have to be given to authorized centers in order to install 4 required for up the system. The software will be reinstalled and the device will be relocked and then only can the XOOM receive the upgrade. Devices which do not meet the criteria required for the upgradation will not be able to install the software to run the 4G modem. In cases like this the 4G modem will be installed and the feature will run. It is also a probability that the XOOM will be disqualified from the official upgradation and will reject the running of the 4G LTE network of Verizon since the system is 3G rooted

The upgradation to 4G will be made within 90 days after the Motorola XOOM 3G has been launched, which will be somewhere around the 26th of May. Users who are interested in getting the upgraded version will have to send it back and get the 4G installed which will take around six days.