MSI has released the 10.1-inch Intel powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC. It has several advanced features. It has a very sleek and compact design with touch screen facility. There are several I/O ports along with USB 2.0 facility, SD card reader, ALS light sensor, HDMI port, G-Sensor and a lot more. The mobile platform processor of Intel powers the device and it boasts a battery life of over six hours. The 10.1-inch multi point screen along with a set of dual cameras makes the device a must buy for all. The finishing of the WindPad tablet is excellent.

The sleek design with dimensions of 274x173x18.5 mm, makes the product extremely space effective. It also has face recognition software for security purposes. The price tag attached to WindPad is affordable, considering the huge benefits that the machine can offer. The operating system of WindPad is Windows 7, which happens to be the latest operating system that is available. WindPad 100W tablet PC will compete with other products such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. In general, the 10.1-inch Intel powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC is a product which can be effectively used for several applications by home, business and office users.